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The AOMix software development relies on support from users of the software. There is no alternative funding for this project. By purchasing a software license, you help to keep the AOMix development going.

How to get a copy of the software:


The license for a given version of the AOMix software is perpetual (the license does not expire and will remain in effect unless it is terminated; please refer to the AOMix manual for conditions). Your access to download the software will expire in 6 months after the license purchase date. If a new version of the software is released within 6 months of your purchase date, you can download it for free (no upgrade charges).


AOMix and the related programs are distributed in the ready-to-go (pre-compiled) form and can be downloaded at this website. You will receive your download ID and password when the payment of the applicable fee has been received.


There are three types of licenses (see the applicable license fees and available payment options):

  1. Academic single-user license; this license is for use on unlimited number of workstations by a single (1) user in one academic institution/department. This license cannot be shared with or transfered to another user.

  2. Academic reseach-group license; this license is for use on unlimited number of workstations in a single research group in one academic institution/department. Research-group licenses are not linked to any hardware or IP addresses.

  3. Site license; site licenses are for use on by any number of users at any number of workstations in a particular institution (university, college, research lab, or company).

license type

Maintanance licenses (2-5 years) are also available. Please contact about the costs.

If an invoice for your order is needed, please submit THE INVOICE REQUEST FORM

When your license payment is received, you will receive an e-mail with the downloading instructions.

Please note that the AOMix software support via e-mail provides troubleshooting tips and technical assistance to the registered AOMix users. However, the software support does not include scientific interpretation of the AOMix results. Such assistance is only possible as part of a special license contract.

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